Foods & Beverage

The food and beverages industry are all companies involved in processing raw food materials, packaging, and distributing them. This includes fresh, prepared foods as well as packaged foods, and alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. SAP Business One is a comprehensive of Top-Rated Manufacturing ERP software systems for the Food and Beverage industries enable you to manage procurement, sales order by delivery, financial management, production management, supply chain management, and customer relationship management, plus any other capabilities with NetSys Add Ons.
The integration with on-line sales, sales by delivery and sales by franchise, etc. are seamlessly and flexible SAP Business One can provide management in areas of forecasting, planning, inventory, logistics and production.

CRM : Gain visibility into sales and comprehensive view of client uncovering their behavioral pattern that helps to deliver personalized service and help to build 360-degree view of the buyer across all channels and touch points. Easily follow up on client and identify his/her favourable life style.
Multiple Branch : Work across branches on one company database, access authorized data and may share business partner master data. Accounting and financial reports are run per branches which information can be shared in order to avoid the duplication while managing and monitoring separated business unit.
Customer Checkout : Supports common requirements for restaurants such as table management, combine and move tables, transfer tables to other waiters, split and combine bills and tip handling, etc. Support of expenses, Loyalty Management same technological basis as retail/merchandising mode.
PR on Web : Work through Mobile Application real time interfacing to SAP Business One written by ASP.Net Programming. Functionalities include Purchase Requisition, Employee Benefit in Kind, Travelling Expenses Requisition, Seminar Request, Advance Payment and Petty Cash Management, Stock Counting and Market List, etc.
Sales Cash : SAP Business One support Cash Sales (Cash Bill) to eliminate mistaken on cash sales with rush orders. For online sales need to collect the payment at the same to create sales order and AR Invoice. SAP Business One can create Cash Sales instantly.

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