At NetSys, we leverage the power of SAP Business One to support insurance companies in modernizing and transforming their business process to cope with challenges in today's digital economy. In general, the insurance industry is a paper heavy environment, thus they seek to improve client service, reduce costs, accelerate innovation, and support business growth. SAP Business One can help support these tasks and their work becomes easier and more efficient. The company can save time on creating data entry rules, there will be more time for high-value activities.
SAP Business One allows the reduction or elimination of employees responsible for repetitive tasks, since all data is stored in their core module of insurance package and integrated to SAP Business One for financial reporting submission to the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC). SAP Business One can also help control the transactions for Non-Policy the purchase history into data insight significantly helps to improve the client interactions and offer client centric service at every touch point. Establishing a repetitive process for service delivery will be vital to increase operational efficiency more accurately. Through this process, the workforce can contribute by focusing on delivering new customer value and business outcomes.

CRM : Gain visibility into sales pipeline and comprehensive view of client uncovering their behavioral pattern that helps to deliver personalized service and capitalize on new opportunities.
Business Process optimization : Automated alerts and approvals process for orders ensuring faster processing to improve workflow management thus reducing administrative burden.
Billing management : Streamline claim, commission, billing, and payment in a centralized chart of account to achieve higher efficiency in reconciliation and overall financial transparency.
Mobility : Improve agility of insurance agents with mobility solution so as to enhance client engagement and manage complaints on real time basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is SAP Business One demo free?
    It's absolutely free
  • How long does the demo take?
    Normally 1-2 hours
  • Do we have to sign a purchase agreement after demo?
    Not at all. It's an obligation free demo
  • What is the next step after demo?
    We can help you decide if SAP Business One can be a good fit for your business