SAP Business One

Is your business underperforming due to limitation of accounting software or non-integrated applications?
NetSys can help you uncover new business opportunities utilizing the power of SAP Business One.

SAP Business One-Intelligent Suite Digital Core

SAP Business One is specially designed to meet today’s small and mid-size business needs and challenges. It completely removes the problems associated with having disconnected business processes or systems.

SAP Business One Facts

It integrates and streamlines all business functions across sales, marketing, customers, financials and operations, all on a single digital platform so your business operates like a seamless one. All critical business information is stored in one database so you can instantly access without having to get information from different systems that often do not agree with each other. It provides built-in customer relationship management (CRM) tools that are fully integrated to the back-office operations to help you better manage sales and customer services.
It is also a flexible system that can be easily customized and tailor to your own business and industry needs.
SAP designed and built the product from the ground up, specifically for the small and mid-size businesses like yourself so you can leverage the best experiences and practices that SAP has learned yet don‘t have to deal with the complexities.

SAP Business One Deployment Options


On premise


Key benefits
  • Compliance with internal Data Security Policies
  • Direct control and accesses to your data, allowing flexibility in local reporting accesses
  • Better ability to customize and extend your business process
  • Leverage internal hardware and existing IT infrastructure and resources
  • Perpetual licensing, with higher upfront cost but better long-term TCO
  • Less dependence on always connected internet
Key benefits
  • Easy and affordable deployments
  • Secure browser-based access from anywhere, at any time
  • Access to the most up to-date functionality without having to use rely on in house IT resources to maintain the solution
  • Subscription licensing avoiding capital expenditure and allowing foroperational expenditure flexibility
  • Manage your most critical business functions in your Web browser

Launch the Web Client

The Web Client
  • Is based on SAP Fiori design principles encapsulating SAP Business One core processes and business logic
  • Focuses on creation, processing, and updating of Sales Quotations, Sales Orders, A/R Deliveries, and A/R Invoices
  • Supports creation and update of items, business partners and activities
  • Provides sophisticated analytic charting capabilities
  • Can be launched in either a desktop computer or tablet;(directly from the SAP Business One desktop application)

How SAP Business One differs from accounting software

No doubt, accounting is core to all businesses but accounting software does not offer the competitive edge that’s key to the success from business process management perspective. It’s merely a niche application that’s limited to recording and reporting accounting transactions. SAP Business One on the contrary, gives you the power to control full range of functionalities into one platform. Providing a complete set of tools, SAP Business One also eliminates the need to purchase multiple non-integrated applications to manage your entire business which in real world remains a pain for many companies.


Key Objectives:
  • Times of growth: SAP Business One can be growing along with the organization’s growth or is planning to grow significantly.
  • Issues with operations: SAP Business One can reduce the issues within the organization.
  • Mergers or acquisitions: SAP Business One can support mergers or acquisitions for example, the parent organization needs to streamline systems across companies
  • Old legacy systems: The organization’s current system is outdated and not available for upgrades, or no longer serves the business and users adequately. SAP Business One is the right choice to replace them. Strategic roadmap: Organizations with forward-thinking executives have outlined a business technology roadmap that includes a new enterprise solution which SAP Business One can support them.
Business Improvements:
Enhanced Business Reporting with real-time information, better customer services, improved inventory costs, boosted cash flow, cost savings, better data & cloud securities, modernized business process standardization, and Superior Supply Chain Management

Management Decision Tools:
The decision-making tools need to map out all the possible alternatives to your decision, its cost, as well as chances of success or failure. SAP B1 HANA provide a useful way to make the right choice by simplifying the decision-making process and by drawing a diagram SAP Dashboards.

Working with NetSys has helped our clients run business better utilizing the power of SAP Business One

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is SAP Business One demo free?
    It's absolutely free
  • How long does the demo take?
    Normally 1-2 hours
  • Do we have to sign a purchase agreement after demo?
    Not at all. It's an obligation free demo
  • What is the next step after demo?
    We can help you decide if SAP Business One can be a good fit for your business